Nourish your skin and reduce your chemical load, one product at a time.

Making the switch from standard commercial products to natural products is a long, but rewarding journey. It is a journey without a final destination, with no place for past regrets and limitless options for learning and improving. Each time a person chooses a natural product, instead of a commercially produced product with synthetic chemicals, they reduce their chemical load. That is the goal I set for myself and it is what I hope to help others accomplish.

I'm Abby, owner of Goods from Nature. A few years ago in college I began purchasing more natural products for my skin care routines, but the more I researched, the more I realized the mainstream natural products still weren't ideal. Eventually I decided to try making my own. I started with a simple lotion bar and passed out the extras to friends. One friend liked it so much, she began selling my bars for me! With her encouragement, I tried selling the bars at my mother's store and, to my surprise, they became quite popular. I eventually added lip balms and body butters and continued to sell this small line, called Handmade by Abby, at my mother's store. Then in March of 2015 I decided to expand my business and make it official. I changed the name to Goods from Nature, created an LLC, expanded my product line and started selling on Etsy and offering wholesale.

On the anniversary of creating Goods from Nature, in March 2016, I decided to focus more on natural beauty and I expanded my line again to include natural cosmetics and products that have helped me nurture my sensitive skin and reduce my acne. The green indie beauty industry is growing and evolving and I am so excited to be a part of this awesome movement. And I'm deeply grateful to be able to join a community of women encouraging and supporting each other as we all make better choices for our health and our natural beauty.

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